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 (Grant Application Guidelines)

Please use the following narrative format for grant applications to the Pentecost Foundation.

1.  Organization Information

  • Brief summary of organization’s history.
  • Brief statement of organization’s mission and goals.
  • Description of current programs, activities and accomplishments.

2.  Purpose of Grant

  • Statement of need:  problems or opportunities to be addressed, description of target populations and how they will benefit.
  • Description of project goals, measurable objectives, and action plans, and a statement as to whether this is a new or ongoing part of the sponsoring organization.
  • Timetable for implementation.
  • Other partners in the project and their roles.
  • Long term strategies for funding this project at end of grant period.

3.  Evaluation

  • Plans for evaluation including how success will be defined and measured.

4. Budget

  • Anticipated expenses and revenue for project.
  • List amounts requested of other foundations, corporations and funding sources to which this proposal has been submitted.
  • In the event we are not able to meet your full request, please indicate priority items.

5. Attachments

  • Copy of current IRS determination letter indicating nonprofit status.
  • List of board of directors with affiliations.
  • Organization’s most current operating budget and most recent audited financial statement or Form 990.
  • Letters of support that verify project need and collaboration with other organizations (optional)
  • Annual report, if available.

6.  Submission

Please send to the Joe D. Pentecost Foundation 1651 W. Lake Lansing Rd. Suite 100 East Lansing, MI  48823.